demolition constractors

Residential & Commercial demolition experts

An insight into the process of demolition. Step 1:

On receiving a signed quote for demolition, Swift Demolition then liaise with the client advising what is required of them. Note that no deposit or monies are required up front to our company.

It is now time for the demolition experts to begin their work.

Step 2:

Swift Demolition then arrange for the application to be lodged with the council. We then rat bait the property and disconnect the Electricity, Gas, Sewer or Septic.  The client is responsible for the payment of the verge/footpath bond which is paid directly to the council.  This is to be paid prior to the license being issued.  Water is not disconnected from the property as it is a council requirement that water be used on site during the demolition process.

If a requirement by council, neighbouring properties are advised of the impending demolition by our company.

Step 3:

In general, the council applications take approximately 4 weeks to be issued.  When the license is issued to us we then fence the property and schedule our stripping crew to site. The crew will remove any asbestos that may be throughout the property and remove any salvage. After stripping, we then schedule a machine to site and demolition will then commence.

Step 4:

All blocks are raked to between 600-800mm on completion of the demolition and the site is then left clean ready for site works to commence. 

On completion of the demolition, Swift Demolition will advise council of any further information that is required.  eg: removal of septic tanks/soakwells/leach drains.