Safety First: How Contractors Minimise Risk During Demolitions

Demolition can sound like a scary procedure, and it's true that it can be extremely dangerous. Professional demolition companies keep health and safety as top-grade priorities, no matter what, and they do many things to reduce risk.


If you're a homeowner concerned about safety around your home during a demolition procedure, it may help you to know exactly what choices are being made — and what procedures are in place — to ensure the safest environment possible.

They Choose the Correct Method

Many people think of a wrecking ball when they hear the word demolition — but in truth, professional demolition contractors utilise many different methods. Wrecking balls are just one of these options, suitable only in very specific circumstances.

Before active demolition begins, professionals will assess your building and its surroundings. For example, they need to know the height of the building and the materials it is constructed from. They'll also need to know how close it is to other buildings which are not set to be demolished and how high-traffic the area is.

Once all these things are taken into account, the correct method can be selected for the safety of all those onsite and in the surrounding area. Some options include manual demolition by hand, the use of varying types of explosives and controlled collapses.

They Manage the Site

Whichever method is selected, contractors must still manage safety concerns once demolition has begun.

The dangers associated with the use of explosives, for example, are obvious. However, the slower and less mass-destructive methods, such as manual demolition, are also dangerous in other ways.

As the contractor slowly demolishes the building by hand, site managers will need to restrict access to different areas of the site. This prevents both contractors and passers-by from accidentally walking beneath areas where debris may drop, where tripping and falling hazards are present, or around structures which are no longer fully supported and susceptible to collapse.

This is just one example, but it illustrates the kind of controls that demolition experts may need to place over a site. As a result, if you’re a nearby homeowner, you should take any instructions you are given about accessing the area very seriously, and children should be kept well clear.

They Monitor Waste, Chemicals & Fire Hazards

In the process of demolishing any building, materials may be exposed which are harmful to health or otherwise hazardous. Professional demolition contractors are trained to be able to recognise these materials, handle them safely, isolate them in order to prevent harm to health and properly dispose of them.

Equally, the contractors can recognise combustible materials which may have been used in the construction of the building. While these are safe inside the walls, when exposed they may pose a fire hazard around explosives or powered tools. As such, these are identified and carefully monitored.

They Utilise Expert Knowledge & Training

In some cases, such as when asbestos is present in the building, contractors will use professionals who are experienced and officially licensed. Just as you have deferred to a professional to safely complete the demolition itself, good contractors know when it's necessary to bring in additional expertise to avoid risk.

These are just a handful of the ways that demolition contractors are careful with health and safety. In practice, we at Swift Demolition are able to use years of expertise and knowledge to create an environment which is both safe and productive. You can absolutely trust us to keep your property safe — so why not get in touch with us today to start talking about your demolition project? We’re ready to hear from you.